Home Automation

Connecting Your World
It’s not just your garage door you can control remotely, link your Connexoon Access RTS to your gate,
outdoor lights and Philips Hue Lighting for a truly smart way of life.
Use the GeoLocation technology to turn your lights on and open your garage door ready for when you
arrive home. You get to choose when the door opens – whether that’s when you leave the office or pull
into your street*.
Whether you would rather have a schedule for your Smart Home based on time of day or your current
mood, Connexoon lets you have it all. Create different scenarios to tell your home what to do when you
leave (turn indoor lights off and outdoor lights on) or ask Amazon Alexa to open your garage door if
you fancy an impromptu drive.
Use the App to check that your garage door is securely locked, whether any movement has been
detected on your home surveillance, and indoor lights are turned on at certain times in the evening to
deter would-be intruders.
Simply connect the Connexoon Access RTS to your home WiFi router, install the app on your
smartphone, and control your smart home and garage door from wherever you are in the world.
Your youngest has forgotten his house keys? The postman wants to leave a parcel? Relax! Now, you
can open your garage door remotely from your smartphone.
*Geofence range between 50 m and 250 m

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