Rapid Roll Doors


High-speed Fold-up Doors

This door is a high speed door that opens and closes using a vertical pack-away system, designed for a prolonged daily use both inside and outside the buildings.

Thanks to his flexible curtain it is possible to create perfect thermal and sound insulation, without limiting the transit of people and vehicles.

The high speed of opening and closing reduces heat losses both in winter and summer, ensuring energy savings in both commercial and industrial applications. This doors also reduce acoustic and dust dispersion from nearby work areas.

This doors are composed by a self-supporting body made of steel (galvanized, painted) and a flexible polyester panel with an external pvc coating. Some horizontal bars on the tarp ensure the necessary wind resistance. Large transparent parts ensure great brightness and visibility during the transit, increasing workplace safety.

All doors have a built-in safety edge: upon contact with an obstacle the door stops and reverses automatically to avoid the risk of injury or damage.

All Rapid Roll Doors are CE marked and comply with the appropriate safety regulations.

Recent Job done for Mercedes in London

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